Marine Propeller Hub Repair

Marine Propeller Hub Repair & Cavitation Damage

As an experienced marine shipping company operator, you know the effect of damaged propellers, especially propeller cavitation damage, on vessels’ performance. At worst, there’s the cost and inconvenience of premature propeller loss and emergency repairs while your vessel stands idle with a worn shaft or propeller hub…

A wide range of marine propeller repair work

Although we leave full propeller repair to the prop manufacturer, we regularly help with recovery of worn propulsion components. Here’s some of the marine propeller hub repair work that we do with in-line boring, metal spraying, orbital machining, in situ machining and other specialised techniques:

  • Cavitation damage repair
  • Propeller shaft repairs
  • Line boring of stern tubes
  • Recovery of A-frames
  • In situ refurbishment of worn propeller-hub bores
  • Polishing of pressure and suction faces and leading edges
  • Maltreatment damage repair
  • Complementing our other engineering services

Whether for fixed or variable pitch propulsion, marine propeller hub repair complements our other marine and offshore engineering services. Over decades, we’ve built a reputation for helping marine operators like you around the clock and the globe.

Perhaps you’ve identified early signs of cavitation damage to propeller hubs? Or the ravages of time and cavitation have done their worst to a prop-shaft diameter? When cavitation damage has occurred, we can pre-machine the worn area, metal spray to rebuild it, and then re-machine it back to its original dimension.

The benefits of our propeller repair service

Whatever type of vessels you operate, our marine and offshore repair service offers valuable benefits – especially as we can do the work in situ rather than in a workshop:

  • A proven, solution-focused approach
  • 24/7 global repair services – just call us for support
  • Time and money savings when it matters most
  • Avoid the cost of propeller hub replacement
  • Protect and build your reputation

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To find out how our experience with in-situ repairs can help save you time and money.

Our engineers go to your vessel

Our skilled engineers can travel anywhere at short notice to get your vessel back in action as fast as possible. Our customers often avoid the cost and inconvenience of workshop repairs too. That’s because, as with all our services, we specialise in convenient on-site repairs.

  • Workshop quality in dry dock
  • One reliable source for many marine repair services
  • Priceless peace of mind

As well as propeller hub repairs, we offer additional marine repair related services for ship operators, shipyards and ship repairer companies. These include engine line boring, cylinder head welding and main bearing transplants.

  • Engine main bearing transplants.
  • Main bearing and crankpin surveys
  • Crankpin journal diameter machining in situ
  • In place main bearing machining
  • Repair of cracked diesel engine blocks, cylinders, bedplates and entablatures.
  • Refurbishment of cylinder liner landing areas.
  • In place In line boring on all engines
  • Engine alignment
  • Stern Tube and A-frame alignment/boring
  • Re boring coupling holes
  • Machine crane pedestal seats
  • Re-bore thruster and stabiliser location bores
  • Rudder housing, blade and horn alignment and re- boring
The consequences of propeller hub or shaft wear and failure are costly. That’s why it makes sense to contact us as soon as you suspect a problem.

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