Deep-hole Drilling & Boring

Deep-hole Drilling & Boring

Meeting the toughest marine and offshore challenges

With decades of expertise, 24/7 global response and a reputation for overcoming the toughest engineering challenges operators of offshore installations or vessels have entrusted precision engineering to us - we give you priceless peace of mind – and superb engineering every time.

When the Royal Navy needed new outboard and inboard anti-pollution seals on the 5.9 metre-long stern tube of HMS Endurance our specialist knowledge and skilled engineers assisted in the modifications and helped get Endurance back to sea as soon as possible.

The benefits of our deep-hole boring service

As the Royal Navy discovered when we installed all the associated seal pipes and tanks, deep-hole drilling is just one of our many specialist engineering services. Customers love the convenience of a one-stop source for everything from deep precision drilling to propeller hub repairs. The benefits of working with us include the following:

  • A proven, solution-focused approach
  • 24/7 response around the world
  • In situ deep-hole drilling saves you time and money
  • Avoid the cost of remote workshop repair or maintenance
  • Extend component service life
  • Enhance your reputation in marine engineering

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We come to you, wherever you are

Do you remember the last time you had to remove plant or machinery from an asset either offshore or onshore transport it to a workshop for repair, then return it for reinstallation? If so, you’ll recall how it was a costly process, not least because your capital asset was out of service for much longer.

As the Royal Navy and many other customers know, our engineers can generally work in situ, on site. Whether we’re rebuilding metal components with metal spraying, doing laser alignment or precision deep drilling, this is the key to minimising repair and maintenance costs.

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Whether you have deep-hole boring in mind for a current project or you’re planning for the future, please use our quick form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible:

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