Crankshaft Repair, Crankpin Straightening & Heat Treatment

Metalock provides cost-effective crankshaft repair, crankpin (crankshaft journal) straightening and heat treatment services for industries like yours.

Lloyds accreditation

Metalock Engineering UK have been awarded, in accordance with the requirements of Lloyds Register, the Lloyds accreditation (No MNDE/REP/0073/03) for the In Situ annealing and re-machining of crankshafts installed in marine diesel engines.

Crankshaft repair – whatever the engine

Whatever your large industrial engine, and wherever it‘s located, our orbital crankpin machines and other specialised equipment mean we can do rapid, precision crankshaft and crankpin repairs. These include machine-crankshaft main-bearing journals on the same crankshafts in situ, on site, in dry dock or even during normal operations.

On land, in dock or at sea

On land, at dockside or mid-ocean, Metalock engineers regularly help customers avoid the cost and inconvenience of back-to-workshop repairs. When every minute of downtime means lost revenue, in situ repair and maintenance services such as the following earn their keep:

  • Crankshaft repair
  • Crankshaft straightening
  • Crankshaft heat treatment
  • Crankshaft journal repair
  • Crankshaft keyway repair
  • Crankpin heat treatment
  • Crankshaft regrinding
  • Crankshaft machining
  • Crankshaft polishing
  • Orbital crankpin machining/regrinding
  • Main bearing machining
  • Main bearing regrinding
  • Main bearing journal polishing/superfinishing

Imagine the cost of traditional workshop repairs…

Just imagine the time and costs involved in a traditional back-to-base repair:

  • Stripping the engine
  • Removal of the crankshaft
  • Transport to a machine shop
  • Regrinding or another repair
  • Return transport to site
  • Reinstallation
  • Engine rebuilding
  • Testing and commissioning

All the time, your vessel or other machinery will be out of service and not making you money... Now, imagine the benefits of our cost-effective in situ repair (in place, on site or aboard ship), including minimised downtime and avoidance of untimely replacement costs. That’s why Metalock makes sense every time…

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To find out how our experience with on-site repairs can help save you time and money.

The benefits of trusting Metalock

From marine propulsion to industrial power generation, our crankshaft reconditioning and crankpin machining service gives you valuable benefits:

  • 24/7 global crankshaft/crankpin services – call us for support.
  • A proven, solution-focused approach.
  • Save money and time when it really counts.
  • Avoid premature capital expenditure for engine replacement.
  • Extend engine service life with damaged crankpin repair.
  • Protect and build your reputation.
  • Enjoy workshop quality on site, in dry dock or at sea.
  • One reliable source for these and many other specialist engineering services.
  • Priceless peace of mind.

Crankshaft and crankpin repair for all kinds of equipment

We can help when you face the costly consequences of wear and tear on equipment such as the following:

  • Marine crankshafts
  • Industrial diesel engine crankshafts
  • Compressor and other static plant crankshafts
  • Power generation rotor journals
  • Marine and land-based power generation diesel engines
  • OEM and discontinued crankshafts

In fact, there’s probably a time and money-saving use for our services anywhere where crankshafts and crankpins wear.

Learn more about our crankshaft and crankpin repair services

In mid-Atlantic, or the world’s most inhospitable continental environments, experienced Metalock engineers are probably doing a damaged crankshaft repair while you read this.

Don’t wait until crankshaft wear leads to unscheduled maintenance or catastrophic failure. Whether you need crankshaft repair today or in future, please contact us for more information and a no-obligation quotation.

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