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Using the science of measurement for your engineering needs. Our metrology services can be used across various different industries including:

  • Steelworks
  • Aerospace
  • Power generation
  • Car Manufacturing
  • Maritime
  • and more...
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Metalock’s metrology department in action -
this is just an example of what can be achieved with this technology:

Steelworks Industry

Metalock metrology engineers arrive on-site, produce a detailed survey review and analyse full steel and aluminium mills to pick up on long lost datum’s of even the most dated mills. Even without physical references in the way of landmarks, using laser technology our survey department has been able to ascertain the pass line of the material and centre line of the steel mill and individual stands by analysing the surveyed data.

  • Laser alignment and surveying has become an invaluable asset relating to onsite machining
  • Allowing all stands to be machined in relation to the datum’s and each other within 0.01mm or 0.004”
  • Tolerances as tight as 0.050mm or 0.002” can be achieved across the stand window
  • Stand machined perpendicular to gravity within 0.050mm or 0.002”
  • Permanent reference systems installed during a full survey have many benefits
  • All work carried out after the survey will be relevant to the mill datum’s
  • Work can be carried out years down the line
  • Periodic inspection can map the degradation of the mill over time
Accurate measurements in all environments

Laser tracking is now an industry standard in all types of engineering, the ability to produce accurate measurements in all types of environments, to create and leave a permanent reference system that will allow the laser tracker to position its self in the same place, time after time. This is becoming a key feature for customers that require permanent reference points to work from months or even years into the future. This enables the customer to collect measurement data at regular intervals that will establish the level of wear, movement or deterioration of all types of plant and equipment.

Using the latest laser surveying equipment Metalock are able to measure even the most obscure components and structures and provide accurate images and data that can assist the customer in making educated decisions prior to any capital investment.

Metrology network Marine & Offshore Industry

Independent Machine Inspection

  • Full machine mapping
  • Volumetric grid map of machine travel
  • Analyse machine run out, machine sag and repeatable error mapping
  • Compile data for machine auto comp adjustment

Metrology Networks

  • Large scale metrology networks
  • Unified Spatial Metrology Networks (USMN) undertaken and installed
  • A powerful feature that leverages the uncertainty characteristics of different instruments to provide a much more accurate instrument network than that of traditional alignment methods. (Reduces the chance of incremental error over large distances)
Find out how our metrology services can help save you time and money.

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3D representation 3D representation

3D Scanning technology

  • Ability to scan in nearly any environment
  • Fast effective way to survey large areas in a short amount of time
  • Resulting 3D representation can be opened on many platforms such as AutoCAD

3D Scanner technology

  • Metalock uses the latest 3D scanner technology
  • Complete 3 Dimensional surveys of entire factories
  • Dimensions at a touch of a button
  • 3D walk through
  • Services easily traceable
  • Accurate to within +- 2mm

Available Soon - 3D Laser Scanning

This service will provide fully documented 3 Dimensional impressions that will provide critical measurement data for all types of applications. Portable equipment, quick scans of large areas, fast and accurate measurement.

Examples where this technology can be used:

  • Restoration of bridges, structures, monuments, building facades
  • You could scan the inside of a church or cathedral and produce accurate drawing from the data recorded
  • This could be used in almost any environment where measurements need to be recorded; steel mills, paper mills, turbines, ships, production lines, car presses
Use your imagination and see how this could be applied in your industry.
The possibilities are endless.
Metrology in the aerospace industry Metrology in the aerospace industry

Proof loading

Pre and post proof part inspections of load to show any un expected deformation in critical strain areas. Live inspection, real time measurements of deflection under load. Continue or cease proof load before permanent deformation occurs.


  • Measuring to CAD
    • Layup tooling
    • Form inspection
    • Part inspection
  • Periodic tooling inspection
    • Inspection of tooling
    • Reset and alignment
  • Relocation of tooling
    • Site survey
    • Tooling installation
    • Reset and alignment
Find out how our metrology services can help save you time and money.

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