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Metalock Engineering UK September 2012 Newsletter

Emergency response keeps the automotive industry moving

Emergency response keeps the automotive industry moving

Metalock UK received a call from one of our customers in a critical breakdown situation and responded in true Metalock UK style, our engineers travelled straight to site to assess the situation and reported back to our Repair Manager. The problem was that 2 cast link arms were damaged and of no further use. Stopping production and costing money.

To obtain replacement parts was a minimum of 5 weeks. Metalock transported the components to our workshop facility in Coventry, where our skilled design team and workshop technicians designed and fabricated and machined 2 complete new link arms from scratch. They worked none stop around the clock until the job was complete and inspected and accepted by our customer.

This type of service is often quick and cheaper that the cost of ordering new OEM parts.

Who then rushed the components back to their manufacturing facility for reinstallation?

From receiving the call when breakdown occurred to the press being handed back to production has resulted in a significant saving in repair hours.

A remarkable achievement that saved our customer thousands of pounds in lost production.

This is what Metalock UK do best providing a proactive response with a “lets get the job done attitude” reducing downtime to a minimum and getting our customer back into production in the quickest possible time frame.

Metalock’s response to this breakdown was a massive contribution towards getting our machinery back into production. The commitment of the Coventry team was very professional from Engineering through to the skill of the tool room machinists

Marine propulsion and Power Generation Diesel Engine repairs

Reclaiming Upper Liner Landing/Bores

Metalock UK have completed another recovery project reclaiming all of the upper liner landing/bores on a large diesel engine used in land based power generation. Over years of use the upper liner bore and the upper liner landing face between the cylinder head and the engine block have showed signs of wear.

Metalock UK performed what is now classed as a technical recovery procedure to restore the areas to the original size.

Using our highly skilled field engineers we set up portable in line boring equipment and pre machined the upper landing bore and face.

Then using our portable in place metal spraying equipment we sprayed the newly machined area to rebuild the material removed by pre-machining and wear.

Following this, we then set up our in place boring equipment and re-bored and face the upper liner landing area back to its original size.

This is yet another fine example of what can be done in the field when all other options are vastly more expensive.

Reduce downtime and increase usage This process reduced the engine downtime and increased its availability, demonstrating major cost savings. This particular recovery procedure has been monitored on several routine inspections and was showing no signs of deterioration.

Metal Spraying the upper liner landing and bore areas ready for in situ machining is one of mant typical engine repairs. We can also bore the lower liner register diameter and fit make up sleeves which are shrink fitted before being locked in position to allow final finish boring back to the original diameter.

Left image: Facing and Boring the landing surfaces after metal spraying
Right image: Metal spraying the landing areas prior to final machining

State-of-the-art CNC Machining Capabilities ON SITE!

Here at Metalock, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of on site engineering technology, using the latest techniques and machinery available.

The new CNC machines have successfully completed complex and intricate machining projects on site for major turbine OEMs within the power generation industry.

The equipment is designed at our office in Coventry and is controlled by the latest advanced Siemens CNC control system.

Once the datum is established and the controller is programmed, this highly accurate equipment can produce complicated machining operations at great speed faster than any manual operation.

It can also work hand in hand with other services that we provide. Many customers have chosen to use CNC machining combined with our precision laser alignment.

Using the latest laser alignment equipment makes it possible for us to align large and small items of plant and equipment with previously unattainable accuracy our Leica Absolute Tracker CMM system is the key to time saving and maximum accuracy during your on-site alignment and surveys.

If you wish to take advantage of our years of on site machining experience and the latest in engineering technologies just contact us for further information

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