Steel Industry

Steel Industry

For decades, we’ve supported businesses like yours in steel industries around the world. Large and small organisations that share the challenge of manufacturing and processing high quality steel and steel products…

Specialist Engineering Service for the Steel Industry

Are you familiar with the following and their role in maintaining the performance of steel production facilities?

  • Mill housing machining.
  • Modification of housings for roll bending/shifting units.
  • Boring of screw-down bores.
  • Gearbox line boring.
  • Shaft journal machining and grinding, and shaft recovery.
  • Drilling, tapping and screw cutting large holes.
  • BOS vessel trunnions and flange-joint faces.
  • Alignment surveys.

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To find out how our experience working in the steel industry can help save you time and money.

From rolling mills to blast furnaces, these are just some of the specialist services that we regularly provide for the steel industry – usually in situ because of the plant sizes involved.

Maybe you’re improving your steel-strip quality to be more competitive? Or implementing vital productivity improvements after mill refurbishment? Or speeding up bobbin changes? Whatever engineering challenge you face, it’s reassuring to know that steel giants in the UK, Sweden, India, Canada and elsewhere already trust our skills and experience when they refurbish their mills to ensure efficient production and consistent product quality.

Supporting steel manufacture 24/7
Our convenient one-stop range of services, 24/7 global responsiveness and decades’ expertise with in situ machining, cold cast iron repairs, fusion welding and other specialisms support cost-effective repairs and modifications. They also give you priceless peace of mind and help protect your reputation as a steel industry professional.

Tel: +44 (0) 2476 338205 or Submit an Enquiry

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