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A Global On-site & In-situ Mechanical Repair Service

Metalock UK provides a range of specialist on site engineering services to a diverse range of engineering industries all around the world, which include Power Generation, Marine, Petro Chemical, Steel, Paper, Pressing & Forging, Mining and Offshore to name but a few.

Metalock Services
  • Casting Repairs

    Metalock UK Casting Repair Division is the largest and most successful company in the world specializing in the cold repairs of cracked or broken industrial components manufactured from Cast Iron, Steel and Aluminium using the unique Metalock Process.
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    Casting Repairs
  • Metalock Engineering UK Ltd have entered into a Marine Partnership with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST).
    Serving the marine industry worldwide

  • Laser Guided Machining

    Metalock UK are constantly developing and improving their on site machining equipment, incorporating new technologies, such as laser guided machining. These techniques can then be adapted and used on site for a huge variety of in situ machining activities.
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    Laser Guided Machining
  • On-Site Machining

    Metalock UK On Site Machining Division has built up an extensive range of precision portable machining equipment ranging from small to very large for those big machining projects.
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    On-Site Machining
  • Crank Pin Machining

    Metalock Engineering UK Ltd have many years experience in the machining of Crankpin and Main Bearing journals in situ on engines both Large and Small for Marine Propulsion/Power or Industrial Power Generation.
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    Crank Pin Machining
  • On-site CNC Machining

    Metalock has always been at the forefront of specialist engineering services that save you time and money and protect your reputation. Now, new on-site computer numerical control (CNC) machining operation has given us powerful new capability to undertake more complex and intricate machining contracts.
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    On-site CNC Machining
  • Portable Laser Alignment Service

    The latest laser alignment equipment makes it possible for us to align large and small items of plant and equipment with previously unattainable accuracy.
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    Portable Laser Alignment Service
  • Shaft Recovery

    Where there is a damaged or failed bearing there is almost always a damaged shaft. Bearings can be re-ordered but sometimes it’s not always as easy or practical to replace the shaft.
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    Shaft Recovery
  • Thermal Spraying

    Metalock Engineering has highly trained specialists who work in the workshop and on site to provide the highest quality Thermal Spraying techniques and achieve high specification results on all types of components.
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    Thermal Spraying
  • Electro/Mechanical

    Improving equipment availability and reliability by combining traditional maintenance skills together with modern design and repair techniques.
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  • Pump Refurbishment

    We offer a cost effective and comprehensive Pump repair and overhaul service, which can be carried out on site or off site at our well-equipped workshops.
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    Pump Refurbishment
  • Precision Alignment Services

    Poorly aligned plant causes excessive wear, premature plant failures, lower process efficiencies and reduced plant availability. Why jeopardise the success of your operation – and your reputation – when precision alignment is so easy to arrange?
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    Precision Alignment Services
  • Machine Shop

    Using highly skilled engineers in both a toolroom and repair capacity, small items of plant and machinery are accurately machined with minimal lead times to provide a cost effective service.
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    Machine Shop
  • Specialist Welding Repairs

    Welding is one of the longest established methods for joining metals. Done correctly, using appropriate techniques and materials, professional welding enables all manner of cost-effective plant and equipment repairs and modifications.
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    Specialist Welding Repairs
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